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Largest US Bitcoin Exchange Adds 100K Customers In One Day After Futures Announcement

Investors rushed to open new accounts for buying and selling bitcoin after news that the world's largest futures exchange plans to launch futures for...

Amazon Should Buy These Companies To Impact Rx Sales

Amazon has been mulling getting into the prescription drug business. Amazon is already in a range of businesses that touch on the multitrillion medical sector,...

Lithium Soars, What Does It Mean For The Future?

Lithium has lived up to it's label as the "Next Big Thing". Prices are going stratospheric, junior miners are rushing to stake claims on future...

New Drug Melts Away Heart-Clogging Fat With Just One Dose

A new drug designed for tackling cancer and diabetes has been found to melt away fat that clogs up arteries. Researchers from the University of...

Tech Start-Up Using AI To Detect Cancer Before Humans Can For $1

Medical scans provide doctors with the visual information they need to spot any disease or disorder that a patient might have. The problem is, these...